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Meet the Cast – Chaos Looming Edition

Were Landry and Junia close as children? How do the Marians plan on keeping control in the coming chaos? What brought the Cross-Sea warriors to Loren in the first place? And what exactly are the uplanders planning?

If you enjoyed The Cantor edition of Meet the Cast, then you’ll love the newest Chaos Looming edition!

Landrianus Marian

Born: 223 M.E.

Home: Crîd Eálas, Loren

Are you close with your family?

Well my mother died when I was young you see. But back when she was still alive, we were all very close. My mother would always take my older sister, Junia, and I into the city on market days and we’d play with each other and the other noble children. Even our father would occasionally venture out of his study (much to his advisors chagrin I’m sure!) and join us in town. But after our mother died things changed, he changed. And my sister, well my sister took it hardest of all.  

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Well, I’ll be Regio I suppose, terrifying as that thought might be. My father’s often ill, done in by drink I’d wager, so I’m not sure he’ll still be around then. So in five years my life will be essentially over, reduced to nothing but long meetings with stodgy advisors and endless audiences with simpering nobility. No, I’d rather focus on the here and now, while I’ve still got a life to live. 

If you were to rule Loren, what changes would you make?

Hmm, that’s a tough question isn’t it. Well, I suppose there are plenty of things that could use improvement. Just give me a moment, let me think . . . the roads! Yes, the roads. Terrible pot holes, I swear I nearly maimed my horse on the ride to Mount Ánghen. The roads will certainly be first on the agenda . . .

What is your greatest regret?

Regrets you say? Only that I ever agreed to leave the capital and come to this Pneumos-forsaken mountain. No proper civilization for miles and I haven’t been to a ball in year. It’s absolutely absurd that in this day and age we’re still bound to such ancient customs. Here I am wasting away, while my court and subjects (the people I’m meant to rule one day) carry on with their lives. Absolute madness!

Junia Marian

Born: 219 M.E.

Home: Crîd Eálas

Are you close with your family?

I’m not sure I understand. What sort of question is that? We’re the royal family. We have a duty to uphold, a duty to Loren, to the country. Why should our feelings toward each other matter?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Why, I’m a royal princess, descendent of the great Marian Empire. The women in my family have ruled nations, led armies, and suppressed revolt. But that was the old world. Loren is . . . different. And as the daughter of the Regio, there are certain expectations that I must uphold. I will marry well, I suspect some wealthy son of the Council of Benadur, and go on to live a decidedly respectable life. So as you can see, it’s all planned out. Every. Last. Detail. 

If you were to rule Loren, what changes would you make?

Oh my, where to begin? Well to start with, there are certain interests that need to be shown their proper place in the world. A certain council perhaps? And then I’d ensure some well-needed law and order is shown to the Lorenan natives, who too often seem to have forgotten exactly who conquered who

What is your greatest regret?

Regret? No regrets–not ever. I look forward, never backward. My eyes are always on the horizon, on the next decision to be made. Because you see, there’s always another play to be made, another move on the board. And I think you’ll find, that I’m a decisive player indeed. 

Neval Brennan

Born: 218 M.E.

Home: Ceffí, Loren

What was it like growing up in the uplands?

The uplands eh? Well what can I say? Hot steaming mudlo any time you like and the best Pandry smoke you’ll find north of the Windin’ Desert, all with a heapin’ side of heel crushin’ tyranny. I left good people back home, honest people, and I didn’t look back. Because not everyone has the stomach for what must be done.

If there were one thing you could change about Loren, what would it be?

Ha, see that would require our dear Regio to give two flyin’ figs about what happins to us lowly uplanders, the scut off his boot you see. But no, there is no “one thing” that would drive out the rot from this Pneumos-forsaken country. Except, that is, the cleansing fire of holy revolution. And it’s comin’ friend. Just wait and see if it doesn’t.

What is your greatest regret?

There’s a price, yeah? A cost. And I was willing to pay it. Only . . . I didn’t know that others would be the ones payin’ for me. If I had, I . . . well, it doesn’t matter now does it? What’s done is done. The future is all that matters.

Inaba Sara

Born: 3207 4th Era (221 M.E.)

Home: Cross-Sea Lands

What is your homeland like?

Ah, the Cross-Sea Lands? The islands rumble with ancient memory and the air carries with it the taste of remembered tears–honor lost and regained only at the end of a sword. It is my home and ever shall be, no matter how far I stray form her shores. It is where my family lies–the living and the dead. And it is where I will one day return, body and spirit. 

What brought you to Loren and the Academy Bellatori?

It is tradition. A symbol of the friendship between our two countries. I never expected to be selected, to be asked to . . . well, that is a tale for another day. The truth is it was an honor to be chosen, to represent my family and my homeland in this way. 

Do you ever get homesick?

Well I . . . I will confess I’ve sometimes found it hard to adapt to Loren. Your culture is so different from my own and I wish I could say I’ve grown used to the questioning looks and sidelong glances I feel as I walk through the streets. But I suppose that is all part of why I’m here isn’t it? Understanding between our two peoples? At least I hope so.

What is your greatest regret?

Hmm, in my culture . . . well, duty is paramount. It comes before everything and everyone, including those we care about. I have a sister, well, I had a sister. And her loss, no matter how necessary, will haunt me until the day my spirit departs from this world. 

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into the lives and loves of the characters from Chaos Looming.

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