Chaos Looming: Reader’s Guide

Discussion questions, quotes to ponder, character interviews, and everything you need for your next weekly book club meeting with the Chaos Looming Reader's Guide.

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Meet the Cast – Chaos Looming Edition

Were Landry and Junia close as children? How do the Marians plan on keeping control in the coming chaos? What brought the Cross-Sea warriors to Loren in the first place? And what exactly are the uplanders planning? If you enjoyed The Cantor edition of Meet the Cast, then you'll love the newest Chaos Looming edition!

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How to Master your Book Aesthetic

One of my favorite techniques for focusing my creative energy is to create a book aesthetic! But what exactly is a book aesthetic? How is it used? How do you even go about making one? And what exactly do each of the images in a mood board have to mean?  To find out the answers to these questions and more, read on for some tips, tricks, and examples from Chaos Looming!

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Chaos Looming: Reading Soundtrack

Check out my holiday gift to you: the official Chaos Looming Reading Soundtrack! This playlist includes some of the many songs I listened to throughout the long process of writing Chaos Looming, but split up by chapter so that you can listen along as you read.

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Sneak peek at Chaos Looming

Chaos Looming is officially live and available for order wherever books are sold! Check out this sneak peek at Chaos Looming, the YA Fantasy Adventure!

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Chaos Looming Cover Release!

I have some exciting news on the book front this week, *cue drumroll* the cover release for Chaos Looming! This is book one in the Legion of Pneumos series and I couldn't be more excited about how it turned out!

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