The Legion of Pneumos

In a world torn between order and chaos, one girl will discover her destiny and decide the fate of an empire.

Keira Altman is already dead – or she should be. Ripped from her life and dropped into a strange new world, she has no idea why she was chosen by the enigmatic Legion of Pneumos, an ancient order tasked with preserving order across worlds. But if she has any hope of making it home, Keira must learn to master her newfound abilities before the looming chaos descends.

Yet when the Regio of Loren is found on his deathbed and whispers of a rebel uprising send shockwaves through the kingdom, Keira’s newfound power may be the only thing standing between order and anarchy. Joined by her grounder and best friend Danny, she embarks on a perilous journey to escort the naive young prince to safety and secure the line of succession.

As secrets unravel and betrayals cut deep, Keira soon finds herself at the heart of a conspiracy that threatens not only her own life but the fate of the realm itself. Caught between her duty to the Legion and the desire to forge her own path, Keira faces an impossible choice – abandon a young prince to his fate, or risk everything to defy the Legion and protect him.

In a world where chaos lurks just beneath the surface, one woman’s choice could be the spark that ignites a revolution.

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