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Chaos Looming: Reader’s Guide

Enjoying Chaos Looming with friends? Or just want to take a deeper dive into the story? Check out the Chaos Looming Reader’s Guide, where you’ll find discussion questions, quotes to ponder, character interviews, and everything you need for your next weekly book club meeting. 

Read on or download the PDF version below!

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Discussion Questions

1. How does Keira’s character change over the course of the novel in her pursuit of “purpose?” Does she ever find it?

2. How are Keira’s actions in the book influenced by her relationship with her mother and the way she grew up? Do you think she’s aware of this influence?

3. Danny and Keira are two people from very different times and circumstances, how has this influenced the dynamic between them? How do they each approach the challenges of trust? Intimacy? Dependence? Does this make them more or less well matched as partners?

4. How are the characters’ mental health challenges represented in the story? How do they influence their actions? How much insight do the characters have toward this influence?

5. How might Nazor’s background have influenced her choices and understanding of the stakes at play in the story? Would you have made the same choices? Why or why not?

6. Elliott tells Keira “When in doubt, I say heal whenever you can. For it is far better to fear the outcome of kindness than regret an act of cruelty that went unchallenged.” Is this always true? Why or why not? Pick a character who might disagree with this statement and explain their argument.

7. Discuss Junia’s role as the antagonist. What is the reasoning she claims for her actions? Do you agree with them? Why or why not?

"The laughs, the gaiety, the constant need to make merry, all it really does is hide what's underneath . . . a tinderbox." - Neval Brennan

8. What does Neval mean by this?

9. Why does Neval choose the side he does at the end? Was it for strategic or personal reasons? How might his decision have changed if Junia had talked to him first?

"Binding is about ordering the world around us. And I would remind you that we cannot hope to master the chaos of the world around us until we first master the chaos within." - Elliott Hughs

10. How does the theme of order vs chaos manifest throughout the book? Is there a difference between “internal” and “external” chaos? Are the two related? If so, how?

11. The mandate of the Legion of Pneumos is to fight chaos and bring order into the world. How do the characters’ differing viewpoints of what chaos and order really mean lead to conflict in the story?

"The question you have to ask yourself is whether you can serve the good that lies even within flawed institutions." - Elliott Hughs

12. Do you view the Legion of Pneumos as a force for good in the world of the story? Why or why not?

13. How does the setting of Loren fit into the story? Do you think its cultural and political history played a role in the events that unfolded? Why or why not?

14. How does the plight of the uplanders’ cultural and economic oppression intersect with the limited rights of women in their society? What implications does this have for the uplanders’ moral position in the lead-up to their planned revolution?

15. How does the shifting viewpoint between Keira and Junia influence the story flow? Does it change the tension? Add perspective? 

Character Interviews

Ever wonder why Keira wanted to become a doctor? What was Nazor’s daughter called and what was she like? Who was the girl that Danny left behind to go off to war? What does Elliott miss most about his world? Find out the answers to these questions and more in Meet the Cast: The Cantor Edition!

Were Landry and Junia close as children? How do the Marians plan on keeping control in the coming chaos? What brought the Cross-Sea warriors to Loren in the first place? And what exactly are the uplanders planning? If you enjoyed The Cantor edition of Meet the Cast, then you’ll love the newest Chaos Looming edition!

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