The Legion of Pneumos - Book II

Haven Enduring

That which was undone may be reborn, but only at the price of chaos.

In this epic, action-packed sequel to the hit YA Fantasy Chaos Looming, Loren stands upon the edge of a knife, with paths diverging to order or chaos. Time will tell what fate has in store.

About Haven Enduring

That which was undone may be reborn, but only at the price of chaos.

After losing the one person she could always depend on, Keira Altman has fled the Capital and its deadly dance of political intrigue, finding herself instead amidst the perilous jungles of the Southern Shield. Looking for respite and peace from the guilt that haunts her, Keira instead finds a world still on the verge of chaos. Try as she might to avoid the coming onslaught, her fate remains tied in service to Pneumos, a calling she can never truly escape.

Guarded against further heartbreak, Keira ventures back into the vipers’ den. But when long-held secrets come to a head, she discovers that the key to restoring order and reclaiming all that she has lost may be far closer than expected. With the help of some new and unexpected allies, Keira is determined to unravel the mysteries the Legion has buried deep over the centuries. But are some questions best left unanswered?

Praise for Haven Enduring

"This was an absolutely outstanding book. Whether you read the first or not, you’re still able to understand what’s happening. Don’t miss out."

~ Goodreads Review

"An excellent addition to this immersive series!"

~ Amazon Review

"The world building and magic system were on point and I did not want to leave the world after the book ended!"

~ Goodreads Review

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H.B. Reneau is an author of YA fantasy and contemporary fiction. Author, ER doctor, and proud dog mom, H.B. Reneau is known for her character-driven, genre-crossing fiction that draws on her experiences in both medicine and the military. When not writing or at the hospital, she can be found hiking, drinking coffee to excess, and getting lost in new cities with her spaniel Rory.


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