Loren 241 M.E.

Check out this interactive, clickable map that details the history, geography, and culture of Loren in the year 241 M.E. From The Legion of Pneumos universe and the YA Fantasy Adventure Chaos Looming

At one time a backwater port, the now-capital Crîd Eálas was built up by the Marion invaders to be their capital, and modeled after the other great cities of their empire. Its founding marks the beginning of the Marian Era in Loren.

An archipelago off the southeast coast of the Lorenan mainland. This territory was conquered in the initial Marian invasion and the Regio's power was reasserted during the Shield Wars that lasted from 218 - 220 M.E.

Culturally distinct, the Udánma who live here are naturally distrustful of grelún, or outsiders, and hold fast to cultural traditions that are far too often under siege.

Ulgáris, the holy city and ancient capital of Loren is found in the central hill country. This impenetrable fortress of a city is also the seat of power for the Council of Benadur. They preserve the old ways of the ancient Lorenans while still vying for power in the modern era.

A major shipping port in the Fertile Inlet, Port Galaén is a hub of diversity. It boasts Olphéis Nomads, upland fisherman, Tramorian traders, and travelers from across the seas. It is also the sight of the Legion of Pneumos's headquarters in Loren.

Abalás is a small upland village to the north of Port Galaén. This is where Keira and Danny first arrived in Loren and where they received their early years of training.

Mount Ánghen is the sacred mountain across the Olphéis Plains. An ancient monastery stands at the top of the mountain and it is the traditional site of the future Regio's training prior to assuming the throne.

The Olphéis plains offer little in terms of agricultural opportunity, forcing its inhabitants to rely on the raising of livestock.

It's also home to the Olphéis Nomads, who once roamed all of the Lorenan mainland but have in recent decades been forced farther and farther away from the Fertile Inlet.

Raboneís is a tent City built around the Bellatori checkpoint leading into Loren through Grêgür Pass. Largely lawless, it's known as a hotbed for revolutionary activity.

The Arid Lands to the North are the ancestral home of the Tramors, a proud, nomadic desert people who have resisted Marian conquest at every turn - the Tramorian uprisings from 153-167 M.E. being the most recent example.