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The Rebel: Reading Soundtrack

I’m excited to share the next iteration in my soundtrack series! This soundtrack is an excellent companion to The Rebel, a Legion of Pneumos novella. 

I personally love to write with music and often spend a lot of time crafting the perfect soundtrack to fit the characters, settings, and themes of each writing project. So it seemed only fitting to share! I hope you enjoy this peak into the heart and sould of The Rebel. 

I tried to avoid any major spoilers, but if you want to go in completely blind, feel free to just listen through the song list of this reading soundtrack. Otherwise, check out my chapter/song list and descriptions below and let me know your thoughts! 

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Happy Reading!

Chapter Outline

Chapter One – “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid

The song’s pulse-pounding momentum would complement Neval’s adrenaline-fueled flight through the village streets. The lyrics evoke the desperation of running from threats and capture Neval’s urge to flee his hopeless situation. A restless young man yearns to escape the confines of his oppressive village life.

Chapter Two – “River” by Bishop Briggs 

The determined, defiant tone of this song matches Neval’s growing anger and impatience with the injustices he faces. The driving beat embodies his urge to take action and fight back against his oppressors.

Chapter Three – “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors 

Neval’s world is turned upside down when a looming threat from the powers that be shatters any illusions of stability. This song’s feelings of uncertainty and being off-balance capture Neval’s fear and doubts in this chapter.

Chapter Four – “Let It All Go” by RHODES, Birdy
After a fight with his father, Neval decides to let go of the pain of his past and leave his old life behind to start anew. This song about release and moving on encapsulates this pivotal moment for Neval. 

Chapter Five – “Waiting Game” by BANKS 

The ominous tone of this song suits the feeling of being trapped between fight or flight as danger closes in from all sides. The haunting vocals match the chapter’s dark mood.

Chapter Six – “Incomplete” by James Bay 

Neval struggles with feeling like an outcast, incomplete and not belonging, both with his father and amongst the villagers who look down on him. This emotionally raw song captures his inner turmoil and despair.

Chapter Seven – “Brave” by Riley Pearce 

Though full of doubts, Neval finds untapped reserves of bravery to take a stand against impossible odds. The inspirational, courageous tone of this song suits Neval finding his inner strength in this chapter.

Chapter Eight – “I Still Love You” by Josh Jenkins 

This bittersweet love song encapsulates the boundless complications of the heart amid a world in chaos. 

Chapter Nine – “How True is Your Love” by Amber Run 

The lyrics about secrets and a forbidden connection threatening to unravel everything are very fitting for this chapter. The song’s building drama matches the chapter’s emotional stakes.

Chapter Ten – “Made of Stone” by Matt Corby 

The anger and defiance in this hard-driving song captures the spirit of rebellion and the allure of rising up, no matter the cost that course through this chapter. 

Chapter Eleven – “Oblivion” by Bastille 

The dreamlike haziness and tinge of melancholy in this song pair well with the chapter’s focus on memories that both sustain and haunt as innocence fades away and the complications of adulthood set in for our heroes. 

Chapter Twelve – “Red Run Cold” by World’s First Cinema 

The cinematic drama and lyrics of betrayal in this sweeping song suit the devastating moments of this chapter as a painful truth is exposed. The grand, tragic tone fits this emotional bombshell of a chapter.

Chapter Thirteen – “Let Me Hold You” by Nick Wilson 

This soft, intimate song about longing to hold a lover close even as the world crumbles around them reflects the moment of solace and connection in this chapter, offering a glimmer of light in the darkness and amidst the escalating tensions in the village.

Chapter Fourteen – “Set the Fire to the Third Bar” by Snow Patrol 

With its urgent, desperate vocals, this song captures the make-or-break moment as our characters are on the precipice between turning back or charging headlong into the unknown, knowing there may be no coming back from this.

Chapter Fifteen – “Water” by Bishop Briggs 

The powerful, driving force of this song, with its imagery of water, embodies the climactic events of this chapter. When pent-up forces erupt, destruction and creation intertwine.

Chapter Sixteen – “Down to the Second” by Zach Berkman 

The quiet devastation in this song’s vocals and lyrics capture our characters’ reckoning with the fallout of dreams turned to ash. 

Chapter Seventeen – “Nirvana” by Elliana 

The heartbreak and search for peace in this song mirror our characters clinging to a fragile ember of purpose when all seems lost.

Chapter Eighteen – “Time” by Mikky Ekko 

The defiant, keep-moving-forward spirit of this song, with the refrain “they can’t chain my rhythm,” matches our characters realizing the price of taking a stand . . . as well as the cost of staying silent.

Chapter Nineteen – “Light a Fire” by Rachel Taylor

The powerful vocals and stirring melody encapsulate the fiery determination and unwavering resolve of Neval and the villagers. As they gather their courage and unite against their oppressors, this song serves as an anthem for their fight for justice and survival.

Chapter Twenty – “Kings and Queens and Vagabonds” by Ellem

The energetic beat and passionate lyrics highlight the tumultuous nature of the events occuring. This track resonates with the theme of rebellion and the fight for freedom, reflecting the villagers’ courage and the chaotic, unpredictable nature of war.

Epilogue – “Frail Love” by CLOVES 

This reflective, vulnerable song encapsulates Neval’s emotional state in the epilogue – raw and wounded from loss, but with an ember of resilience and hope still burning within as he looks to an uncertain future.

So what do you think? Any of these particularly resonate with you while reading? Which songs would have made it onto your soundtrack list? Submit a comment below to share your thoughts!

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