Haven Enduring: Reading Soundtrack

I'm excited to share the next iteration in my book companion soundtrack series! This soundtrack is an excellent companion to Haven Enduring, Book II in The Legion of Pneumos series!I…

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Haven Enduring: Sneak Peek!

That which was undone may be reborn, but only at the price of chaos. The story continues in Haven Enduring - the epic, action-packed sequel to the YA Fantasy Chaos Looming!

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Chaos Looming: Reading Soundtrack

Check out my holiday gift to you: the official Chaos Looming Reading Soundtrack! This playlist includes some of the many songs I listened to throughout the long process of writing Chaos Looming, but split up by chapter so that you can listen along as you read.

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The Centus: Sneak Peek!

With death on the line, could you choose between duty and honor? See where Gaius’s story began in this prequel to The Legion of Pneumos series.

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The Exchange

Ever wonder exactly how Elliott came to find himself in Loren? What if the Legion wasn't quite so secret as they'd have everyone believe? Read on for Part I of a recurring FLASH Fiction series set in The Legion of Pneumos world!

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The Cantor: Sneak Peek

Check out this sneak peek of The Cantor, the exciting prequel to the YA Fantasy Adventure Chaos Looming. Then download your FREE copy of the full novella!

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Chaos Looming Cover Release!

I have some exciting news on the book front this week, *cue drumroll* the cover release for Chaos Looming! This is book one in the Legion of Pneumos series and I couldn't be more excited about how it turned out!

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