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Cover Reveal: Journey into “The Rebel” with H.B. Reneau

I’m beyond thrilled to finally share something truly spectacular with you all — the cover for my upcoming novella, “The Rebel.” This isn’t just any cover reveal; it’s a peek into the soul of a story crafted amidst the whirlwind of my emergency medicine residency, reflecting themes of hope and resilience that resonate deeply with my daily life.

Behind the Cover: A Collaboration of Vision and Art

The cover, designed by the talented Natalia Junqueira of Dawn Book Design, encapsulates the essence of Neval Brennan’s journey. Natalia, with her incredible eye for detail, has brought to life a cover that features significant symbols such as Neval’s hammer, the Karthaíla dam, the fabled cave, and the mountains of Ceffí—all elements tied closely to the story’s heart.

Check out the mood board below which I sent Natalia during the early brainstorming days. I really think she captured the aesthetic perfectly! Against the backdrop of looming mountains, Neval must face the soldiers of an empire whose currency is as much control and fear as the coins in their coffers. In his hand, the dagger’s edge, as sharp and precarious as the alliances he forms. Will these tools carve out freedom, or will they cut ties through betrayal?

The Heart Behind "The Rebel"

In “The Rebel,” we follow sixteen-year-old Neval Brennan, burdened by his father’s legacy, as he stands at the heart of a desperate rebellion against the colossal Marian Empire. Caught between love, loyalty, and a fight for freedom, Neval’s journey from a scorned outcast to a revered leader is a tale of heartache, heroism, and the harsh costs of rebellion.

The story of Neval is deeply inspired by the real-life themes of hope and resilience I encounter every day in the emergency room. As someone navigating the demanding life of an ER doctor, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of human spirit and endurance. Neval’s tale of resistance and transformation echoes the transformative power of leadership and courage in the face of overwhelming odds.

Mark Your Calendars!

Release Date: June 28th – Make sure to mark your calendars and be ready to dive deep into Neval’s fate.

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Pre-order “The Rebel” now and enjoy a special 25% discount. This exclusive offer is available until June 28th. On release day, the eBook will return to full price. Act now to lock in your savings!

Join the Conversation

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on Neval’s story and the new cover! Comment below or share your excitement on social media. Your engagement means the world to me, and I can’t wait to bring you along on this incredible journey.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure, and for all the love and support you continue to show. It’s a reminder of why stories matter—now more than ever.

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