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Chaos Looming

In a world where magic feeds on chaos, one girl must harness her power to quell a brewing rebellion that threatens to tear the realm apart.

Fans of An Ember in the Ashes and Red Queen will love this exciting cross-worlds twist on the fantasy genre. Richly imagined, emotionally complex, and wholly unputdownable, this epic tale of magic, sacrifice, and destiny will have you breathlessly turning pages. Dive into a vividly imagined world where the only thing more dangerous than the power you wield is the truth you uncover.


Seventeen-year-old Keira Altman is the newest Legionnaire in the Legion of Pneumos, an ancient order tasked with wielding the power of pneumonancy to preserve order across worlds. Torn from her own reality and desperate to return home, Keira must navigate the treacherous politics of Loren while mastering a magic that feeds on the very chaos she's sworn to control.

But when the Regio of Loren is found on his deathbed and whispers of a rebel uprising send shockwaves through the kingdom, Keira's newfound power may be the only thing standing between order and anarchy. Joined by her grounder and best friend Danny, she embarks on a perilous journey to escort the naive young prince to safety and secure the line of succession.

As secrets unravel and betrayals cut deep, Keira finds herself at the heart of a conspiracy that threatens not only her life but the fate of the realm itself. With the lines between friend and foe blurring, she must decide whether to uphold her oath to the Legion or stand against the oppression of the people. In a world where chaos lurks just beneath the surface, one girl's choice could be the spark that ignites a revolution.

Praise for Chaos Looming

"Sucked me in from the beginning"

~ Goodreads Reviewer

"Adventure to the max!"

~ Amazon Reviewer

"Absolutely amazing book. I enjoyed every second"

~ Goodreads Reviewer

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H.B. Reneau is an author of fantasy and contemporary fiction. Author, ER doctor, and proud dog mom, H.B. Reneau is best known for her character-driven, genre-crossing fiction that draws on her experiences in both medicine and the military. When not writing or at the hospital, she can be found hiking, drinking coffee to excess, and getting lost in new cities with her spaniel Rory.


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